Welcome to the RealPopup messenger website.

RealPopup is a small tool to replace old WinPopup or "net send" command with a full featured messaging tool which remains stable and simple as its predecessor. It's fully integrated with local network environments and application is available in different languages. Application supports many useful features such as file transfer, broadcast notifications, LAN chat mode, different options for users and groups, names auto complete, and so on. To learn more about RealPopup, read the features.

RealPopup main window

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Key benefits:

  • Messaging and chat between any user in your local network.
  • All conversations are secured by AES encryption algorithm.
  • Broadcast notifications to any group or all connected users.
  • Drag'n' drop file transfer.
  • Offline users are able to get messages after login.
  • An Internet connection is not required. Application works inside LAN/WAN.
  • Microsoft/Citrix Terminal Services environment are supported.
  • Administrative settings of user rights. Limit user access to most features of RealPopup.