How To Send Message to Group of Users?

Sending messages to more than one user or groups in your list is known as message broadcasting. You can use the following steps to send your message to multiple users:

  1. If you have minimized your messenger to the notification area, restore RealPopup main window.
  2. Use one of these two methods to access the Send Broadcast Message window:
    • By right-clicking the user group and selecting the option Send Message to Group. Obviously, you should be right-clicking the user group whose members are the expected to receive your broadcasted message.
    • Realpopup: Send message to users' group
    • By right-clicking a user name in the targeted group and selecting the option Send Broadcast Message from the context menu.
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  3. The above-mentioned two methods will launch a Send Broadcast Message window as depicted in the following picture. You can type your message in the message text area. However, before you hit the send button, make sure that your recipient list is complete. You can add or remove the users and groups by checking or un-checking the check boxes before their names. The Select dropdown menu on the Send Broadcast Message window opens the following three choices with regard to expected recipients of your message:
  4. Group message dialog
    • Everyone – this choice selects all the users in the list.
    • Online – this choice selects only online users.
    • Offline – this choice selects only offline users.
    • The option No one allows you to cancel your selection.
  5. This is the final step of your message broadcasting. Once you have typed your message and ensured that your recipient list is complete, you can send your message by using any of the two methods:
    • Click Send.
    • Press ENTER on the keyboard.

As we have already explained, you can send messages with multiple lines. Just use the default key combination CTRL+ENTER to start a new line whenever you need it.
The default keyboard shortcuts or hot keys can be fully customized as per your preferences by opening the Hot Key configuration tab of the Settings dialog box.